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We often hear about the importance of gaining followers for social media. That message has been going on for well over a decade.

But as you acquire followers you must also learn to prune followers. In other words, eliminate the followers who are connecting as bad actors rather than meaningful connections that support your goals online.

Keeping your follower audience clean is important business hygiene. The reason is to best address natural and unnatural change to intentions behind profiles. Businesses that follow sometimes take a different direction or end their operations. People sometimes stop following their profile — more likely…

Medium Lists Replaces Bookmarks, Offering Writers Better Convenience and Productivity

Medium updated Bookmarks to Lists, adding new options for organizing the articles. Users can even create a list without having to navigate to their main profile. (Image source: Pierre DeBois)

It’s interesting what features get updated on a platform. Not every idea receives a thumbs up. For Medium, a simple change to an overlooked feature may receive the most attention, because it is useful and compelling.

The Basics on Medium Lists

Medium has renamed its bookmarking feature Lists, and added new features so that users can adjust the bookmarks more conveniently. The past arrangement was just a simple bookmark, which users could access through the member menu; The menu drops down when you click on the profile image.

Lists now occupy the menu choice where bookmarks appeared. Lists are also available in the sharing menu…

The new forward slash syntax for functions is featured in R 4.1

R Programming version 4.1 introduced a pipe operator symbol — you can read about it in my previous post. The pipe is essentially a shorthand that helps to simplify based coding syntax.

Another symbol shorthand is available. This one is for functions. The function shorthand helps to simplify based coding syntax in R further, and, like the new pipe, making the code cleaner in appearance.

The new function shorthand is a forward slash that replaces the function call word used to indicate that a function. For example, here is a short program with the standard function in place:

An old rule that is often debated may make sense for today’s data visualization with R and other programming languages

The three-click rule appear during the days when JavaScript was just for pop-up windows. Today many programming languages used for websites are used for simple purpose apps. The three-click rule may not be entirely data-proven, but it can be a starting point for keep a visualization app simple

User experience (UX) is not often a topic that comes up with data visualization. But as more programming languages become a method for displaying data, the old rule may be a great starting point for planning how graphs and supporting information are displayed.

The three-click rule is a design layout mandate in which users should be able to find their key information within three clicks of access on the website page. …

What the Clubhouse competitor means to podcasters, writers, and small businesses

Phone with the Spotify Greenroom open
Phone with the Spotify Greenroom open
Spotify Greenroom brings a new twist to the audio chat trend (Image: Pierre DeBois)

People have made social media an integral part of their daily activities, long before the COVID-19 pandemic rearranged those daily activities. But during the at-home restrictions that supplanted many social events, people discovered the joy of virtual events. The most popular is drop-in audio chat.

Drop-in audio chat is a social media app designed to allow people to join live discussions with other people on a variety of topics.

Clubhouse was the first, taking advantage of the at-home environment created from the pandemic. It quickly received millions of downloads and caught the attention of the major social media platforms. I…

Images of your product or services may be great, but stitching them together to form videos is even greater. Here are a few ideas on how to do it.

A woman looks outside the window of a high-rise building while sitting at a desk with her computers.
A woman looks outside the window of a high-rise building while sitting at a desk with her computers.
Creating a video is often not programming, but requires a programmer’s patience in setting up image files to easily access them to create videos and import images in the editors. (Image source: WOCInTech)

Images of your product or services may be great, but videos are even greater. Video, be it a recording or streaming, has become a popular medium choice.

But there are times when people are looking to figure out how to take static images and incorporate them into video. Well, there are a number of players that can be used to make that implementation task easier.

Video Ideas to Complement Your Content

It’s one thing to select a video editor — there are several ones on the market that have made editing easier. But your first choice starts with deciding which ideas to develop.

Identifying good ideas…

A simple new pipe expands readability options in R Programming

Using pipes, such as the new native pipe in R, simplifies how functions appear in a code, easing the ability to intuitively debug a function

When a function is being created in a programming language, updates to that language can create new headaches in maintenance — a developer has to rewrite a section of code so that it is recognized. But in the case of R, a new base function is offering some simplicity in nesting lines of code.

R 4.1 introduced a pipe operator symbol, |>. It is the first time a pipe has been incorporated as a base function. The change is small, but the impact of simplifying code is significant.

Pipes are an operator meant to link one function after another. Pipes…

Memory Usage Report for RStudio (image: Pierre DeBois)

When RStudio introduced Version 1.4 of its popular IDE for R programming, a new debugging indicator was added called Memory Usage. The purpose of the Memory Usage report is to reveal how much memory is being used by a program. Leveraging this meter can help developers refine the running efficiency of the program.

The Memory Usage indicator appears as a widget in the Environment pane in RStudio. The widget displays a pie chart showing the total system memory usage. The total system memory usage reflects the memory consumption of all our objects in a given R programming script, the libraries…

Customers are demanding convenience in their digital retail. Your marketing must show how that convenience is available for your product or service

Longhorn Steakhouse storefront in the reflection of a car’s side mirror
Longhorn Steakhouse storefront in the reflection of a car’s side mirror
Variations of Click and Collect appear among various retailers, such as Longhorn Restaurant. In many restaurants, customers can place an order and pick it up when it is ready.

If you are a small business owner, or a marketer working with a small business owner, it is vital these days to understand the customer behavior emerging among shoppers.

Consumers have long learned how to engage their brands online, and purchase the services and products they need. Today they have a multitude of choices, creating a number of options that marketers should note to best manage the customer experience. All of these choices have been defined under an umbrella term called click and collect.

To understand click and collect better, it’s great to appreciate how digital commerce emerged in recent…

With both audio chats now available on Android and iPhone, authors must consider which best serves their readers. Here’s an overview of the choices.

Twitter Spaces offer authors the chance to build on their Twitter audience (Source: Pierre DeBois)

You just finished your book, and you are thinking about how to use social media. You likely have heard about the latest trend, live audio rooms, which allow users to talk with other users in real-time.

So you look up details about Clubhouse — which I have covered here — and you have also heard about Spaces, the Clubhouse competitor Twitter created to provide live audio to its communities. App users come to chat about a variety of topics, from tech to popular culture. App users come to chat about a variety of topics, from tech to popular culture. …

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