A simple new pipe expands readability options in R Programming

Using pipes, such as the new native pipe in R, simplifies how functions appear in a code, easing the ability to intuitively debug a function

When a function is being created in a programming language, updates to that language can create new headaches in maintenance — a developer has to rewrite a section of code so that it is recognized. But in the case of R,

R 4.1 introduced a pipe operator symbol, |>. It is the first time a pipe has been incorporated as a base function. The change is small, but the impact of simplifying code is significant.

Pipes are an operator meant to link one function after another. Pipes are set up with a symbol between the left side and right side…

Memory Usage Report for RStudio (image: Pierre DeBois)

When RStudio introduced Version 1.4 of its popular IDE for R programming, a new debugging indicator was added called Memory Usage. The purpose of the Memory Usage report is to reveal how much memory is being used by a program. Leveraging this meter can help developers refine the running efficiency of the program.

The Memory Usage indicator appears as a widget in the Environment pane in RStudio. The widget displays a pie chart showing the total system memory usage. The total system memory usage reflects the memory consumption of all our objects in a given R programming script, the libraries…

Customers are demanding convenience in their digital retail. Your marketing must show how that convenience is available for your product or service

Longhorn Steakhouse storefront in the reflection of a car’s side mirror
Longhorn Steakhouse storefront in the reflection of a car’s side mirror
Variations of Click and Collect appear among various retailers, such as Longhorn Restaurant. In many restaurants, customers can place an order and pick it up when it is ready.

If you are a small business owner, or a marketer working with a small business owner, it is vital these days to understand the customer behavior emerging among shoppers.

Consumers have long learned how to engage their brands online, and purchase the services and products they need. Today they have a multitude of choices, creating a number of options that marketers should note to best manage the customer experience. All of these choices have been defined under an umbrella term called click and collect.

To understand click and collect better, it’s great to appreciate how digital commerce emerged in recent…

With both audio chats now available on Android and iPhone, authors must consider which best serves their readers. Here’s an overview of the choices.

Twitter Spaces offer authors the chance to build on their Twitter audience (Source: Pierre DeBois)

You just finished your book, and you are thinking about how to use social media. You likely have heard about the latest trend, live audio rooms, which allow users to talk with other users in real-time.

So you look up details about Clubhouse — which I have covered here — and you have also heard about Spaces, the Clubhouse competitor Twitter created to provide live audio to its communities. App users come to chat about a variety of topics, from tech to popular culture. App users come to chat about a variety of topics, from tech to popular culture. …

To make your writing workflow betters, always use version control in your text editor software.

Before your start on your document, you may want to see if version control is available in your editor (WOCInTech)

Ever get amazed at how a clothing style or dance becomes a popular craze that sweeps the nation? One style that is sweeping the tech world is version control. Version control is a feature that manages a document so that a writer can always work with the right intentional content and details. Version control has been appearing on a number of platforms as of late, so it’s a craze that writers should be joining, too.

The idea of a central version of a report is not new. Many people were first introduced to a variation of version control by managing…

Microsoft’s open source data visualization tool extends the functionality of its cloud services, especially Azure Data Studio

I wrote an Azure Data Studio post about a number of features that treat data exploration with the convenience of an IDE experience. But occasionally you need data visualization to see how the data could be best represented in a graph. There is a programming framework that can be used in Data Studio for that purpose. It is called Sanddance. …

It’s great to have customers, but what is it costing you to gain them? A review of Customer Acquisition Costs can provide a few answers

People sit around a table and talk.
People sit around a table and talk.
Discussions about the customer journey often are based on identifying a target audience. Measuring Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) can provide an economic assessment of acquiring the audience you want (Image: Women Of Color In Tech)

If you are planning to build a business, there are a lot of metrics you can choose from to help guide your marketing and operational cost. In a previous Better Marketing post, I explained what these metrics are — KPIs — and how they are used.

This post will examine a specific KPI, one that demonstrates a valuable way to look at how effectively you are attracting the audience you are looking to. That metric is called Customer Acquisition Cost, or CAC.

What Is CAC?

The customer acquisition cost represents the total cost from sales and marketing efforts required to acquire a customer…

Is it worth asking your audience to adopt another platform?

Clubhouse Screen Shot via Wall Street Journal — YouTube
Clubhouse Screen Shot via Wall Street Journal — YouTube
Coverage of Clubhouse, as this Wall Street Journal image demonstrates, has blossomed overnight. Can the app continue to offer as much value as the media attention it has received? (Source: WSJ YouTube)

You have likely heard about Clubhouse, the audio-chat app that allows users to talk with other users in real-time.

Is joining Clubhouse a useful tactic for your marketing strategy? While the app is certainly exciting, its value is still a work in progress, facing the evolving challenge of rapidly growing a social media platform, as well as competition rising just as quickly.

The Basics on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only social app that allows people to host virtual chat rooms. App users come to chat about a variety of topics, from tech to popular culture. Users can browse discussions in each room so they…

How to deal with trolling online

Trolls are imaginary creatures, but online they are bots and people that can appear from anywhere (Source: Unsplash)

The more you use social media, the more likely you will come across trolling behavior. It’s no big deal to just block a troll if your social media usage is casual. For those who use social media for commercial choices — i.e. selling a book, raising funds for a non-profit, or activism — examining troll behavior and how to best manage that behavior is a must for maintaining a digital profile. Trolls come to online profiles, but you can keep them away. Here are a few ideas of how trolling interaction should be kept in check.

Trolling by definition is…

Being a thought leader does not mean sharing an opinion on everything all the time

Seems like everywhere you look, someone wants to be a thought leader on some subject. Speaking out is meant to give an advantage in leadership and drawing attention to what you have to say. But with so much social media proving exposure to so many insights, it is really important to know what and when to contribute to a public conversation. Understanding the differences makes the difference in identifying meaningful, inspiring thought leadership.

Thought leaders are assumed to be people with interesting opinions. While that is true, it runs a bit deeper than that. Thought leaders are people with informed…

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