Is it worth asking your audience to adopt another platform?

Clubhouse Screen Shot via Wall Street Journal — YouTube
Clubhouse Screen Shot via Wall Street Journal — YouTube
Coverage of Clubhouse, as this Wall Street Journal image demonstrates, has blossomed overnight. Can the app continue to offer as much value as the media attention it has received? (Source: WSJ YouTube)

You have likely heard about Clubhouse, the audio-chat app that allows users to talk with other users in real-time.

Is joining Clubhouse a useful tactic for your marketing strategy? While the app is certainly exciting, its value is still a work in progress, facing the evolving challenge of rapidly growing a social media platform, as well as competition rising just as quickly.

The Basics on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only social app that allows people to host virtual chat rooms. App users come to chat about a variety of topics, from tech to popular culture. Users can browse discussions in each room so they…

How to deal with trolling online

Trolls are imaginary creatures, but online they are bots and people that can appear from anywhere (Source: Unsplash)

The more you use social media, the more likely you will come across trolling behavior. It’s no big deal to just block a troll if your social media usage is casual. For those who use social media for commercial choices — i.e. selling a book, raising funds for a non-profit, or activism — examining troll behavior and how to best manage that behavior is a must for maintaining a digital profile. Trolls come to online profiles, but you can keep them away. Here are a few ideas of how trolling interaction should be kept in check.

Trolling by definition is…

Being a thought leader does not mean sharing an opinion on everything all the time

Seems like everywhere you look, someone wants to be a thought leader on some subject. Speaking out is meant to give an advantage in leadership and drawing attention to what you have to say. But with so much social media proving exposure to so many insights, it is really important to know what and when to contribute to a public conversation. Understanding the differences makes the difference in identifying meaningful, inspiring thought leadership.

Thought leaders are assumed to be people with interesting opinions. While that is true, it runs a bit deeper than that. Thought leaders are people with informed…

ROAS and quality score are essential for making the best decisions on your digital ad campaigns

Two people sitting across from each other typing on blue laptops
Two people sitting across from each other typing on blue laptops
Measuring ad campaigns requires more than understanding a click. ROAS and Quality Score metrics are necessary to analyze the right campaigns and make good decisions. (Image Source WOCInTech)

If you are launching a digital ad to sell your book, webinar, or product, you will dabble with metrics that just show how many visits are occurring on your website. Digital ads have made marketing costs more affordable for small businesses, non-profits, and solopreneurs to advertise a product or service within a certain budget.

Most people look at the cost per click metric — if they look at metrics at all — and decide they have useful information to determine if they should still be advertising more or stop spending.

What people should look at are two metrics that most…

Learn how this latest feature in GitHub will kick off a new level of collaboration among data scientists, developers, and project managers

Developers are increasingly working alongside project managers and data scientists in GitHub. Features like GitHub Discussions offer a means to communicate alongside technical projects easily. (Image Source: WOCInTech)

There are many technology platforms that business leaders and small team members see these days. IDEs and platforms have expanded their services beyond specific code. Yet team members may not know how to best contribute to the technical conversations online, be it with a developer or, these days, a data scientist. One tool that was just introduced, GitHub Discussions, may be the most helpful in gathering a development team with various skillsets on the same dialog to support a project involving a programming language.

What Is GitHub Discussions

GitHub Discussions is a platform for open transparency conversations that are not necessarily linked to a…

Here’s what to look for in metrics to support your marketing and your business

Women in a conference room
Women in a conference room
We often spend a lot of time in meetings determining what metrics are important to business objectives. Those KPIs determine our operational and financial performance. (Source: WOCinTech)

If you deal with analytics or marketing you will likely run into the term KPI, which stands for Key Performance Indicator. But what performance should be “indicated” in your dashboard? There are a lot of ways to approach selecting a KPI, but there are a few concepts that should be kept in mind no matter how the KPI is chosen.

Let’s start with the basics. KPIs are metrics linked directly to business growth.

There are many metrics that can seem useful as a KPI at the start of a campaign, such as follower growth on a social media platform. …

They’re a scam — here’s what to do instead to keep your website and business safe

Photo by Hans Eiskonen on Unsplash

Let me paint a common business scenario, one which you will run into if you have not already.

You sit down with your laptop, fire up your email, and there, among your many, many, many unsolicited emails is one from an SEO company with who you have never done any business before. The email may read something like the following:

Hope you are doing well.

A quick analysis reveals your website having different technical glitches, where natural traffic is very low. Well, this is not the only reason for your website performance, because this list prolongs.

What we see from…

Relationships are wonderful at the start but entrepreneurship in all its forms can challenge that wonderful feeling.

Source: Upsplash via Jared Sluter

For a relationship to survive, it’s important to understand what the drivers are. For over 12 years I worked with small business owners and startup entrepreneurs who managed different kinds of relationships. I can tell you a lot of pressure occurs that likely would not existed had the business not existed. So like any relationship, it is important to learn what drives those challenges and what can be done.

When Love Gets Mixed Up

The reason relationships can get complicated when entrepreneurship is a factor stems from having to code-switch between casual times and the formal urgency of a “get-it-done” environment. Couples can find time…

Marketing products and services as part of a news story creates risks as well as rewards for staying relevant

Alebrijes are often part of displays honoring Dia De Muertos, like this display at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana.
Alebrijes are often part of displays honoring Dia De Muertos, like this display at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana.
Alebrijes are often part of displays honoring Dia De Muertos, like this display at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana. Understanding culture and tradition are essential for newsjacking news related to special events. (Photo source: Pierre DeBois)

Marketers are always looking at ways to get their products and services noticed. Newsjacking, when used smartly, is one of the best ways a product or service can create a buzz for itself.

Newsjacking is the art and science of embedding a product or service into a well-known public event. It is adding thoughts to events and issues. While events have been curtailed from the pandemic mandates, marketers have been turning to newsjacking as attention grabbers for large online community gathering or following a social media platform.

Newsjacking is derived from an agile marketing strategy. In agile marketing, brand managers…


When planning a marketing campaign, knowing the difference between earned and owned media helps organize your business. Here’s a primer.

Your brand can be mentioned anywhere on social media. A brand or product mention is earned media.

If you are a marketer and have been tasked to create a campaign, you may have seen the terms “Earned” or “Owned”, and wondered what do they mean. You will likely ask yourself how are they important to your marketing plan or a business model.

Both earned and owned media provide positive publicity for a product or service. The difference in value for each media type lies in where the media appears and garner commentary.

Defining earned and owned media is based on where your media appears. Here are the basic definitions.

Earned media is positive publicity gained through promotional…

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