Five Good Rules for Organizing Your Content Creation Easily

Good content requires a good workflow to be created. Here’s where to start developing yours.

Pierre DeBois
7 min readMar 18


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Despite the current excitement over AI tools meant to speed up creation tasks, content can be challenging material to create effectively. You have to know what topic you want to present, learn to emphasize the right phrasing in your marketing messages, and understand the community in which you want to share that content. Moreover, the workflow can be complicated very quickly if an image, a video, or if audio is not readily available in a needed format.

There’s no one playbook for marketing operations, but there are some basic structure concepts that can streamline creative decisions and get content out the door easily.

#1 Develop A Brief Of Your Informed Voice

A brief should be a simple paragraph with a few bullet points that outline an objective. It should be about 200 words or so in length without the bullet points.

Why do a brief? A brief forms a summary text that will encourage you to practice efficiency in how ideas are expressed in your content. People often use more words when they naturally speak and write, so when they apply their unvarnished thoughts to a business concept the message often sounds too loose with more words than necessary. A wishy-washy presentation can soften a message to your audience too much.

The 200-word nature of a brief can encourage a directness in what you say and the images you present. It also can highlight what problem you are really solving for people, setting an expectation of credibility among an audience. Use the editing process to dial into what you directly want to say.

And then just say it.

#2 Match Core and Secondary Topics to Supporting Skills Needed

To do this step, you will likely create a lot of notes. That ok. I sometimes spread out notes on the table, and I keep a portable whiteboard on me.



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