Relationships are wonderful at the start but entrepreneurship in all its forms can challenge that wonderful feeling.

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For a relationship to survive, it’s important to understand what the drivers are. For over 12 years I worked with small business owners and startup entrepreneurs who managed different kinds of relationships. I can tell you a lot of pressure occurs that likely would not existed had the business not existed. So like any relationship, it is important to learn what drives those challenges and what can be done.

When Love Gets Mixed Up

The reason relationships can get complicated when entrepreneurship is a factor stems from having to code-switch between casual times and the formal urgency of a “get-it-done” environment. Couples can find time…

Marketing products and services as part of a news story creates risks as well as rewards for staying relevant

Alebrijes are often part of displays honoring Dia De Muertos, like this display at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana.
Alebrijes are often part of displays honoring Dia De Muertos, like this display at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana.
Alebrijes are often part of displays honoring Dia De Muertos, like this display at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana. Understanding culture and tradition are essential for newsjacking news related to special events. (Photo source: Pierre DeBois)

Marketers are always looking at ways to get their products and services noticed. Newsjacking, when used smartly, is one of the best ways a product or service can create a buzz for itself.

Newsjacking is the art and science of embedding a product or service into a well-known public event. It is adding thoughts to events and issues. While events have been curtailed from the pandemic mandates, marketers have been turning to newsjacking as attention grabbers for large online community gathering or following a social media platform.

Newsjacking is derived from an agile marketing strategy. In agile marketing, brand managers…


When planning a marketing campaign, knowing the difference between earned and owned media helps organize your business. Here’s a primer.

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Your brand can be mentioned anywhere on social media. A brand or product mention is earned media.

If you are a marketer and have been tasked to create a campaign, you may have seen the terms “Earned” or “Owned”, and wondered what do they mean. You will likely ask yourself how are they important to your marketing plan or a business model.

Both earned and owned media provide positive publicity for a product or service. The difference in value for each media type lies in where the media appears and garner commentary.


Defining earned and owned media is based on where your media appears. Here are the basic definitions.

Earned media is positive publicity gained through promotional…

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All website content and digital ads, like this Land Rover ad in Linked In, rely on a call to action to draw people to make a decision — read a post, download information, or make a purchase. Crafting a good call to action is important.

Business owners are often told to use digital marketing, yet they must understand some of the terms involved when crafting a good marketing message. One of those terms, call to action, is essential to break through to customers. Let’s look at what a call to action is, what makes a good call to action, and to best use it in your digital marketing, be it an ad or a website.

Call to action, or CTA, is a phrase that encourages the viewer of an ad or webpage to click on a download button or video playback button. A person would…

The art of the midnight album-drop

Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift launched two surprise albums during the pandemic. Surprise albums are a recent music industry phenomenon. (Source: Wikipedia)

Announcing a Taylor Swift album would cause any Taylor Swift fan to celebrate. Swift doubled the joy among her fanbase when she announced Evermore, the second of two surprise albums just during this pandemic alone.

But I wonder, has the transformation to industry behaviors caused by today’s digital music offer key strategy lessons for marketers?

I love music — who doesn’t? So let’s use that love to cite some examples of standard pop music marketing and compare their evolution to what’s possible now.

Singles to Surprises

Surprise studio albums have become a more frequent choice among top music superstars. In fact, Wikipedia has…


How do you develop quality content quickly? Here’s a process for you to…well, process

Woman at laptop — courtesy Women Of Color In Tech
Woman at laptop — courtesy Women Of Color In Tech
Working with technology has become convenient. You must learn how to use it efficiently to be productive. (Image courtesy of Women of Color In Tech #WOCInTech)

There are often articles that explain how to write a ton of articles quickly. But very few articles really examine the quality of editing and research needed to make a blog post, an article, or other documentation informative.

Editing is what I will explain in this post. Using dictation you can effectively get your idea out of your head and gain more time to craft a very good article. This means that you can craft content that is better tailored to your business and to your profession. Too many times people rely on outside sources to write an article for…

Microsoft’s Azure cloud services offer a data management platform that raises business analysts to that desired next level.

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Sundance, a data visualization library, is one of many extensions that extend the functionality of Azure Data Studio.

Microsoft has been on a solid run of introducing cloud services over the last few years. The tech giant has been transitioning from its iconic position as the quintessential office productivity software producer to a major player in open source and cloud technology solutions that feel familiar to Office and Window users.

Microsoft’s touchstones in the developer, data science, and IT communities include the investment into GitHub, refining its Visual Studio Code IDE, and positioning Azure services to compete against Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. Its recent release, Azure Data Studio, bolsters a database language long associated with Microsoft among…

The length of video influences viewer engagement, and consequently, how your message is received

Author’s note: This post is a slightly updated version of my Information Week article, published on November 18th, 2019. It has been updated to include new insights since its original publication.

There’s a funny, unspoken aspect about the phrase, rule of thumbs. Those so-called rules change over time.

One marketing rule of thumb — the right video length to engage customers — has been changing. Despite a two-minute rule of thumb that became a rule of thumb among marketers, companies are debating the optimal length to convey a message. …

How the Facebook Ad limit impacts your 2021 marketing strategy

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2020 is proving to be the year in which marketers are recognizing their limits. Social media platforms are also recognizing limits, with the largest even establishing an actual limit.

Facebook is limiting the number of ads marketers can run or have under review from their business pages. The limit is meant to help the platform better serve the ads in the newsfeed. The limit also gives marketers improved budget deployment for their campaigns.

How Ad Limits Will Work on Facebook

The ad limit consists of tiers based upon the spending from each page. The highest spend amount in a month within a rolling 12 month period is…

No one person will embody all the analytic and data science skills that a manager requests. Here’s what to keep in mind for developing those skills.

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It is wonderful to imagine an analyst hitting the ground running to bring his or her skills to bear on a key problem. The desire for such a person certainly exists, as demand for data analysts and managers have risen over the years. In 2018, LinkedIn reported that job shortages for data science skills intensified between July 2015 and July 2018. According to LinkedIn, any manager in Dallas or Atlanta would have had hiring options back in 2015, but in 2018 both cities ranked among the top 10 that had shortages for data science skills.

Yet the reality is that…

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