How The QR Code Revival Benefits Customers and Marketers

Some marketing tools get adopted at first then fade away as new technology becomes popular. Sometimes a tool is refashioned for a new purpose. It looks like QR codes are that refashioned tool.

What are QR Codes?

QR codes are bar codes arranged in a pattern of squares that are typically scanned by smartphones…

Twitter Updates TweetDeck For Improving Social Media Strategy

Many times when the phrase “social media dashboard” comes up among marketers Hoot suite is immediately mentioned. Some dashboards have not survived the test of time. Yet many people overlook TweetDeck, the other social media dashboard that services Twitter as easily as Hootsuite.

Well over the past year, Twitter has…

Here’s how Tech Reports in Google Analytics can aid your launch plans for apps and software

Analytics is used for a lot of marketing needs. But one set of reports in analytics solutions can be particularly helpful in strategic needs.

Using device diagnostic reports such as the Tech Reports in Google Analytics can be that key strategic aid. Understanding device usage from your audience can influence…

Developers have many options, such as GitHub Gists, Carbon, and YouTube, to visually explain a program.

Writing a blog post about the latest programming framework or an IDE feature is not a hard thing to do. There are a number of ways that developers and programmers can display their tips and ideas on a blog (or in this case, Medium). Most of these are pretty straightforward.

Planning how an app works can feel helter-skelter these days, especially with NPMs. NPMs are package managers that install Node.Js modules. NPMs are the largest framework ecosystem in the world, supporting a variety of JavaScript frameworks, from Vue.js to D3.js.

Most times developers are grabbing for the first dependency or…

Picking the Right Description for Your Product or Service Boosts Your Chances of Gaining The Right Customers

When you plan how to describe your product, what word do you use?

For soap, the word clean is often brought up. Clean sounds like a great way to describe soap. After all, soaps are designed to clean your body.

But if soap is your product, clean is not really…

Everyone is remote and relying on online communities. Learn how to choose a community that bolsters your networking and leads.

Finding a community to connect with people can seem a challenge. Seeking a community digitally can seem especially challenging.

What you actually are attempting to do is to find a group in which your online networking effort feels similar to how you network in person. …

Everyone loves images. Keeping image choices organized is vital. Here’s how to stay organized.

Adding images is an unquestioned task for creating a post for a blog or community site like Medium. After all, having an image with text makes the message more interesting. Image repositories like Unsplash and Pixabay have made free images widely available. This ideally makes the image selection choice easy.

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